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21 Fun Hobbies You Can Do for Free

Are you wondering, “What hobbies can I do for free?” Keep reading to discover unique ways to use your free time doing what you love.

Finding a hobby that aligns with your interests and passions isn’t always easy. And even if you do, you’ll realize most hobbies cost money. Examples include traveling, collecting cars, yacht racing, speedboat racing, skydiving, and more. This might leave you asking, “What hobbies can I do for free?”

 Well, there are plenty of free hobbies to do at home. Research shows that taking up leisure activities reduces stress while enhancing your positive mood and overall health. 1 And you don’t have to spend a dime doing what you love the most.

We’ll share 21 hobbies you can do for free in this post.

Read on, and you’re sure to find one or two activities that will make your free time much more rewarding.

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1. Gardening

Gardening is one of the most exciting hobbies to do with your hands at no cost at all. Look around your yard, and you’ll be surprised to find a lot of edible plants that need taking care of. 

You can also locate berry plants and other wild fruits and vegetables and transplant them in your home garden. In the end, you’ll have a garden full of one-of-a-kind wild plant species. 

Besides frugal gardening, you can opt to take care of the existing plants in your garden. Or, you can start from scratch. Pick plants or flowers that are easy to care for and become a gardening pro. 

Start gardening with this Skillshare course for beginners (sign up now and get 7-days FREE trial).

2. Hiking


If you are a nature lover, you can try hiking as a hobby. Hiking is an activity that lets you explore unreachable areas by car. Take your friends out to explore the hills, forests, waterfalls, and lakes in your local area. It’s super fun and easy to learn. 

You’ll have added years of health to your life, not forgetting the fun and enjoyment you experienced with your friends.

3. Meditation

Woman meditating in front of lake in sunrise

Meditation is one of the healthiest free hobbies to do at home. It can help with anxiety, and boost the function of the immune system. If you don’t know how to start with meditation, check online for websites that teach meditation, like FreeMeditation.com. 

You can also find audio and video recordings with info to help you get started. Meditation is an excellent way to escape the chaos of life for a while and reason with your inner self. And you have everything needed to get started right there – within you. 

4. Playing Chess

me playing chess in a tournoment

On the left, it’s me playing chess in a local tournament

Chess is a great game, and if you’re good at it, you’d love to invite a friend or colleague over in the evenings or during weekends to have a go at it. You can even join a group of chess players and immerse yourself into the game over a cup of coffee.

According to a research review, the game improves creativity and critical thinking skills so chess is not just about having fun but also about getting useful professional skills! 2

You don’t need your chessboard, just avail yourself and have a good time. Once you master it, you can even join competitions to test your skills.  I personally played chess for years both online and over the board (as in the picture above) and I find it fun and interesting.

The chess experience becomes even more exciting when chess clocks and ratings are involved. Today it is easier than ever to improve your chess skills and get a personal rating. On chess.com, you can start playing chess for free, take lessons, solve chess puzzles and monitor your progress through rating.

5. Bird Watching

birds watching

Bird watching is a fun and adventurous hobby that gets you to discover different world bird species. Becoming a birdwatcher equips you with in-depth knowledge about bird movements, the different sounds every bird makes, and more. You’ll even discover some exotic breeds of birds you never knew existed. 

While you may decide to birdwatch from your neighborhood, you may want to know that the best places to find almost all bird species are away from the city – places where they feel safe and free. These are places with many trees and less human habitat.

6. Photography


Photography is one of the best hobbies, and you don’t need to buy a new camera. If you already have one, it’s better to take great pictures. 

Personally, I prefer taking view photos as I find them the most harmonic and beautiful. They are also easier to take compared to urban photos or human portraits which require a more professional approach.

Start by just taking your smartphone with you to afternoon walks close to sunset, when the light is optimal for photography. I did that for a while and enjoyed the routine. You can follow me on Instagram and get some ideas about taking view photos with your phone.

After you practice a bit and get improved, you can turn your photography into a lucrative hobby by selling your photos if you want. You can learn more about taking better photos from YouTube tutorials. There you’ll learn all the basics of photography like aperture, shutter speed, exposure, ISO, and more.

Learn how to take professional outdoors photos with your smartphone.

7. Exercising

Sure, exercise isn’t the first thing to come to mind when asking yourself, “What hobbies can I do for free?” Well, while exercising may not be everyone’s favorite, it is one of the healthiest hobbies out there. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can derive inspiration from. 

You don’t even need to leave your house to exercise. Just play the videos on your phone and follow the instructions.

But if you love the outdoors, you can try jogging or running around the neighborhood in the evening. This exercise may leave you exhausted but relaxed and stress-free while exploring the neighborhood.

8. Writing a Book

Have you contemplated writing your story for the world to see? Do you know that you can do it yourself without the help of a publisher?

If you love writing, take it as a hobby, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do. A few hundred words during your free time will amount to a great manuscript that you can self-publish without any problem. 

9. Personal Care

Sometimes we get too preoccupied and neglect ourselves. Even when we’re free, we tend to forget to care for ourselves. Spending your free time on personal care is a great hobby to pursue. 

You can file your nails, oil your hair, polish your shoes, iron your clothes, and more for a lady. Looking good makes you feel even better. Don’t be too busy to take care of yourself.

Learn how to put on makeup from different tutorials online. Try on a new look, and you’ll be surprised at your transformation. Your free time will be worth the effort.

10. Fishing

Fishing is not just relaxing; it is an adventurous hobby that will get you outdoors for a few hours. After fishing, you can have a picnic in the woods to crown your weekend. This hobby is a great way to bond with family too. 

Imagine all the fun you’ll have when competing with the others for the few big fish in the calm waters. Exhilarating, isn’t it? And you don’t even need a lot of gear to go fishing. A rod is enough to get you exploring the nearby water bodies for fish.

11. Grilling

If you enjoy sharing a delicious meal with friends or family outdoors, this is your chance to become a master griller. You can make it a regular event and spend quality time with those you love.

You can learn how to grill anything, including vegetables, meats, and everything else that entices your taste buds.

All you need is a grill and the contents of your refrigerator to master the art of grilling.

12. Watching a Film

You’ve likely watched several films regularly and developed a more profound interest in them. Now, whenever you watch your movies, you don’t just enjoy them but also look at their set design, storyline, cinematography, writing, and other aspects that make movie watching much more enjoyable. 

Watching movies is one of the best free hobbies for couples. It gets more exciting when you can talk or share your ideas with your loved one amidst watching your favorite movie on an evening or during the weekend.

13. Reading

Reading helps you see the world from another perspective – through another person’s eyes. The best part about reading is that you can do it anywhere; in the study, in bed, or on the couch. Studies recommend reading, saying that even six minutes of reading can lower stress levels by 68%. 3

Reading is one of the best ideas to do at home and relieve fatigue and anxiety. And you don’t need to buy the books. Just go to the local library and borrow your favorite. 

14. Camping

Spending time in nature is pretty healthy. It is the best way to relax after days of busy schedules. Camping is an excellent hobby that gets you to exercise peacefully far from the chaotic city life.

With a tent, the right shoes, a sleeping bag, and a few food and safety supplies, you can enjoy sound sleep and have the best time with your friends outdoors. By the time you get back, you’ll be more rejuvenated to start a new, refreshed week.

15. Blogging


Blogging is an excellent way of sharing your passions and views on any topic. It is a good pastime that you can start and publish for free on WordPress and other blogging platforms. 

What makes blogging exciting is that you are not pressured to follow a specific schedule or format. And you can do it comfortably at home.

Did you know that blogging can earn you extra income? You can monetize a blog through ads, affiliate marketing, or selling products. 

Learn how to start blogging and grow online.

16. Needlework

Back then, when I was a bit younger with fewer responsibilities, I could ask myself, “what hobbies can I do for free?” Soon, I started knitting and crocheting sweaters and socks for babies, and it felt great. 

I would even repair torn shirts or shorts for my siblings. Seeing the product of my own hands felt like an outstanding achievement for me.

Needlework is one of the most rewarding hobbies to do with your hands. People love to get super cozy in their woolen outfits when winter sets in. Right now, knitwear is sliding back into fashion, with the demand for cozy socks, blankets, sweaters, and hands rising every day. 

Whether it’s knitting, crocheting, or sewing/embroidering decorative items or art pieces for your home, you’ll find it rewarding. As long as you have some wool and needle/crochet, you are set to go.

17. Making Jewelry

Making jewelry is a versatile hobby to try. You can make a lot of unique jewelry for your loved ones as gift items. Once you master this art, you can turn it into a profitable venture.

You can choose beading or intricate metalwork for your jewelry. It is a great way to enhance your creativity, design unique accessories, and sell them online.

Learning the art of designing jewelry is easy. YouTube has various guides to teach you this art. 

18. Write Music or Poetry

If you love listening to and singing along to your favorite music, you might want to try composing your own. Sometimes when I echo the lyrics of my favorite musician, I want to write a few lyrics for myself. 

There are plenty of resources you can use to get started. Software like MuseScore comes in handy, and soon you’ll be working with artists who are looking for a songwriter.

I also like to write poetry at times. If you’re like me, you can do the same. There are many people out there who’ll be thrilled to read your pieces. 

19. Cycling

If jogging or running isn’t your thing, you can enjoy your outdoor cycling in your estate in the evenings. You can expand your reach into the woods during weekends with your family.

Besides your favorite bike and helmet, you don’t need anything else to go cycling. You can choose to cycle on the road or in the mountains. Cycling boosts your muscles and heart and is also an excellent way of toning up your lower muscles.

20. Cooking

Cooking is a fun way to spend your free time. If you love experimenting in the kitchen, you can share your passion with your family or spouse by cooking together. 

Try something new and use the step-by-step video or audio tutorials to execute it well. Add some creativity to personalize your cooking. Make it a weekend habit to cook for your family and make them happy. It will be more fun if you do it as a couple.

Besides cooking food, you can also try baking, home brewing, and cheesemaking. See that delicious cake you love so much? Try baking it yourself. When you make it a habit, you’ll never have to worry about pastries and food supply for the whole week. And you’ll never waste your money buying food and pastries from the store.

21. Creative Art

Make it a hobby if you love drawing, painting, and coloring. Every artist keeps drawing canvas, paint, pencils, and other drawing materials stashed in a drawer somewhere.

When you feel stressed or out of ideas, putting them in a painting can jog your memory. It gets all your ideas organized on colorful paper. The best thing about painting is that you have various resources to use. 

We exercise creativity when working with colors. You can use watercolors, acrylic, special crayons, or paint to make your artwork a masterpiece. And seeing a finished painting can make you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a hobby with no money?

There are many hobbies you can do without spending any money. These are things you are passionate about – things like writing, meditation, drawing, singing, and more. They are fun to do during your free time.

What are some good hobbies to pick up?

Cycling, blogging, cooking, needlework, baking, gardening, and dancing are some of the best hobbies to pick up. They help you learn new things, relieve stress, exercise, and even earn money.

How do I find a hobby when nothing else interests me?

To discover your hobby, you should transform whatever you enjoy doing into a hobby. Do you love writing? Or is it dancing or cooking? 

Whatever it is, make it a point to do it more often when you have free time. You can also try out new things to see which one interests you most. Alternatively, you can reclaim your childhood interests and see how it goes.

Final Thoughts: What Hobbies Can I Do for Free?

Getting a hobby doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Most of the things we need to keep ourselves busy during our free time are always available. We just need a few minutes to an hour every day to do something we’re passionate about.

This list is meant to help you discover yourself and learn new things to make you a better person. We’ve rounded up the best so you can choose what interests and fulfills you aside from your regular obligations and responsibilities.

Check also these 11 home hobbies or if you wish, you can dive deeper into your passion and explore your purpose in life using various tools and experiential techniques.

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