Explore Your Purpose

With Various Tools And Experiential Techniques


What do you feel is most important to you right now?

What is your life purpose
Find Your Purpose

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed? This definitive guide is for you. I clarify the illusive concept of “purpose” and provide you with five actionable steps to finding your purpose.

A man silhouette near the ocean on sunset
Regain Your Passion

Lost your passion in life? Here I share my story of how I rekindled my passion in my late 30s and show how you can do it too, even if everything seems boring right now!

Start A New Hobby

A hobby is a fun way to explore your passion, but it can also be hard to get started. This guide provides you with 21 hobby examples you can start now for FREE!

How to find your Ikigai
Bring more joy to your life

This exclusive guide introduces you to the lkigai - a powerful Japanese self-discovery concept that can help you explore your purpose and bring more joy to your life.

How To Set Goals That Support Your Life Purpose
Set Goals For Yourself

How to achieve your purpose? How to set goals that would help you reach the life of your dreams? This guide provides you with the core principles to set such goals.

how to choose a lifestyle
Identify The Right Lifestyle

How do you choose to live your life? What lifestyle do you want? Is it the right kind of lifestyle for you? Here you'll find 6 actionable tips to help you answer these questions.

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My Journey For Purpose

Hi I’m Shachar. I know how frustrating it is to live with doubts about your path and no idea what you should do with your life.. I used to wonder a lot about my true calling but I couldn’t tell how it should be like. I changed jobs frequently and found no interest in the professional careers out there..

At the age of 34, I finally dared to face the challenge and actively explore the right track for me. Since then it took me 4 difficult years to find my way to live and work.

As a highly sensitive person, the question of purpose was super hard for me. It caused me stress and pains until I finally figured out that I need to change my mindset..

improve your life

How purpose can help you succeed

Find how purpose and success are tied together. In today’s highly competitive work and creator markets, standing out with a significant value is crucial. Finding purpose is the primary way to get there.

How to live a meaningful and happy life

We all want to be happy, but how? A strong sense of purpose is a key ingredient of happiness, but it’s not the only one. Learn more about what else you must include and how to find the winning balance for happiness.

Blog posts by cohort

Figure out life in your 30s

It is widespread to reassess your direction and start exploring your purpose in your 30s. Whether due to a boring job, an existential crisis, or some career ambitions to be met “before getting old.” I’ve been there, and here I share my insights and tips for this age group.

Find your path as a highly sensitive person

For HSPs, it can be more challenging to find a balanced path in life: the need to balance social stimuli and alone time, getting overwhelmed quickly, mind-body symptoms, and search for meaning. As An HSP, I share what I’ve learned to overcome these challenges.

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