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Finding Life Purpose Through Meditation: A Step-By-Step Guide

Woman meditating in front of lake in sunrise

Have you found your life purpose? For a long time, psychologists have studied the process of developing long-term, meaningful goals in our lifetime.

The goals that lead to a sense of purpose can potentially transform other people’s lives, like teaching a child to read, helping a drug addict, or starting an organization. And if you think about other people’s interests, meditation can help you tap into your life’s purpose.

Keep reading to discover the least known ways of harnessing the power of guided meditation to find your true purpose in life.

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8 Steps to Finding Your Life’s Purpose through Guided Meditation

Picture this:

Your body is singing with awe and joy from the innermost core of your being to the fingertips as you embrace a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

You feel strong assurance about your place in this world and true purpose in life in your mind and heart. With this personal sense of life’s meaning, you feel a complete connection to every part of your being, to others, to the natural world, and to the universe at large.

That’s the experience that results from guided meditation.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Now, here’s how you can experience the same:

1. Find a Quiet Spot

The only way to effectively do this is in the serenity of a quiet place. Find a place you can comfortably sit in and adequately relax. You don’t want disruptions of any kind during this session. You’re about to begin the rest of your life!

2. Breathe

Once you are seated or comfortably lying down, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Slowly exhale. At first, you will very likely have some thoughts floating around. Don’t indulge these thoughts but instead observe them. Let them do their bidding without engaging them.

Focus on your breathing, especially the gap between the inhale and exhale. Count to four while breathing in and four again while exhaling. Make sure you’re breathing in through the nose and taking note of the stillness between breaths.

Take some time to think about your heart’s deepest desires and everything that has motivated you since childhood. What does that feel like?

3. Think of a Path

Your purpose is the path you’ll take, so imagine a path in a calming green area. Imagine yourself walking down the path while taking in the sights and sounds. Can you hear the rustle of the leaves in the wind? The gentle swaying of the trees? Take your time and watch the sunlight make a beautiful pattern in the forest.

A further walk down the path leads you to the ocean, and its smell revitalizes your senses. The blue waters of the ocean are calming and calling out to you.

Respond to this call and wade into the waters, enjoying the feel of the sand beneath your feet and the warmth of the water. Enjoy these sensations.

There’s a shade nearby on the beach. Walk to the shade and sit comfortably. Take in the wholesomeness of the whole experience as the birds coo into the distance. It’s a sight to behold! It is yours to enjoy.

4. Connect With a Higher Being

Ask your creator or higher power what your purpose is. It doesn’t matter whether you call them God, creator, or guardian angel. They brought you here with a purpose, and for this reason, you tap into their guidance to lead you to the right place. 

Your life’s purpose has always been with you. You need to dig deep and search within and around you to figure it out. Connecting with your guide will banish all your fears and anxieties around this.   

5. Think of Your Deepest Desire

Remember all the occurrences and coincidences that have happened to you. You may have read or seen some things that seem interrelated. Your dreams will also help point the way because that’s your subconscious. 

What kinds of emotions and thoughts surround your deepest desire? It speaks volumes about your life’s purpose. Asking yourself related questions will help you discover this particular desire.

Trust your intuition. Believing that your mind and desires are leading you is the right place plays a huge role in identifying and living out your purpose.   

6. See It

Close your eyes and relish the peace and confidence this realization gives you. Your spirit guide’s assurance into this journey brings you rest. 

Now visualize your greatest desire coming to pass. See it manifest and enjoy that moment. What does it feel like? Think of the emotions it comes with and even the people you want to share it with.

Go even more profound and find something bigger and better than the initial desire you just thought of. Let yourself see it materialize and then bask in that fulfillment. That beautiful feeling is yours to enjoy.

Keep digging until you get to the core of your soul. The thing you find is a life goal, whether it is teaching small children, helping people lead healthier lives, or finding a cure for a particular disease.

There’s likely one thing you can’t seem to get out of your mind, and you often gravitate towards. That is your purpose. It’s the core of who you are.

Here’s the exciting part: Imagine this purpose manifesting in the material world. Picture yourself living this purpose and allow your entire being to feel it.

Who and how are you while living this purpose? See yourself sitting with this person, totally consumed with their life’s purpose. Well, this is you, buddy. You just uncovered your life’s path. It’s who you indeed are.

7. Rest

Stay in this meditation mood as you breathe in and out deeply. When ready, open your eyes and sit with that relaxed feeling that remains.

You did it! You just discovered your life purpose using this fantastic tool known as meditation.

8. Repeat Often (When Necessary)

As you start pursuing your new path, you may feel lost, and that’s OK. What do you do when you feel life isn’t in sync with your purpose?

It’s always been in you, waiting for you to discover and fulfill it. Go back to basics and calmly practice the steps above. A single meditation session, and you’ll be on your way to discovering your life’s purpose.

Meditate With A Video Recording

If you prefer to hear the guide while you meditate then use this video (male voice)

Or this video (female voice):

Diving Into the Ocean of the Unconscious and Subconscious with Meditation

Before you open your eyes in the morning, in the half-asleep half-awake twilight state, you’ll notice one thing: the mind tends to generate deep insights, creative solutions, and dream-like imagery with near-omniscient quality.

It gets better: 10 minutes into a morning shower, you may notice a stream of Einstein-like thoughts flooding your mind.

These creative thoughts emanate from the subconscious and unconscious mind.

These two mind layers do most of the heavy lifting when thinking. They lie beneath the conscious mind and are hidden from view. 

3 Powerful Functions of the Subconscious/Unconscious Mind

Memory storage

The two layers permanently store your entire memories, behaviors, habits, deep-seated emotions, programming, and pretty much everything you’ve experienced and learned in life.

Meditation helps you intelligently navigate, dive in, and put this massive resource to your advantage. When trying to uncover the desires aligned with your life purpose during guided meditation, the answer lies right there in the subconscious/unconscious mind.

Data Filtering

We receive 11 million bits of information each second, but the conscious mind can only process 50 to 60 bits. What happens to the rest? The subconscious filters out unnecessary data and ensures that only the most relevant and crucial nuggets reach the surface.

Meditation trains the mind into a higher functioning, more precise, and high-quality data filter, which makes you a happy and more mindful person in the process. 

Creative Insights

When you do creative work, such as writing, painting, or drawing, you rely more on the super-creative deep mind than the conscious one.

Let’s take Albert Einstein, for example. Reports claim that he could nap and wait for insights to enter his mind. Others who did the same include Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali, Beethoven, Aristotle, etc.

Meditation allows us to easily access the subconscious and unconscious layers of profound insight, immense creativity, and precious information. 

Additionally, the technique lets you uproot any limiting beliefs, thoughts, and anything else hindering you from fulfilling your purpose in life.

Use Meditation to Stay Motivated and Focused on Your Life Purpose

After discovering your life purpose, you need motivation and focus on carrying you through. Luckily, meditation covers both aspects.

Researchers from Columbia University report that meditation increases focus and concentration.

Besides, Italian neuroscientists have demonstrated that meditation strengthens self-control, willpower, and the brain’s motivation, known as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Try this meditation method to boost your motivation and manifest the things you want in life.

Final Thoughts

We all have something helpful to contribute to humanity. Whatever masterful work you wish to create, bring it to fruition with motivation. Use this meditation technique to help you discover your life purpose.

Be aware that meditation requires a lot of practice, so don’t feel disappointed if you cannot visualize or feel any sense of purpose during your first meditation sessions. Also, note that there are lots of different meditation streams and mastery levels that are beyond the scope of this post. Here I simply brought you the basic steps so you could start and explore your inner self right away.

Meditation is a powerful technique to dive into yourself and define your purpose, but there are also other great techniques and tools for that. For example, journaling is my favorite technique. By journaling, you can make a place for emotions, organize your thoughts and get valuable insights about your path with only pen and paper (or a note app).

I hope you enjoyed the practice and are ready to start a meaningful journey of self-discovery! If you found this guide useful please share it so more people would be able to define their purpose.