Recommended Self-Discovery Methods

Here, I share self-discovery tools and techniques that helped me better understand myself and find my thing online. Each person has their method preferences, so I compiled various methods.

Pick one of the methods below to discover surprising things about yourself and start defining your thing. If you don’t know where to start, try exploring your creative spark online, journaling, meditating, and then moving on to the next method until you find the one that feels right for you and your needs.

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Find Your Creative Side-Hustle

One of the best ways today to find your passion and make money from it is through content creation. In this free course, I share exclusive self-discovery tips for finding a side hustle you love and growing online.

Someone writing in a notebook on a desk

This practice is my favorite. It helped me a tone to know myself better and define my path. The linked 23 journaling prompts are designed to help you find your purpose.

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Explorative Meditation

Meditation lets you chill and explore your inner self without distractions or judgment. In this post, you'll find 6 steps to envision your purpose and feel it from within.

How to find your Ikigai

This Japanese self-discovery concept provides you with a powerful, structured self-analysis. It helped me make sense of my being and get into details of the right path for me.

How find your purpose with astrology
Astrology Chart

Astrology can help you know yourself better from a view you may not aware of.. By looking into your zodiac and related signs you can figure out what life pathways may fit you better.

How to Explore Your Purpose through Numerology
Numerology Map

Another spiritual way to get useful insights about your purpose is to dive into the meaning of your name characters, birth date numbers and other personal signs.

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Personality Test

Discover your personality type out of these 16 personalities created by Myers & Briggs, and find your strengths.

Career Profiler

Test your job interests and personality traits to find the right job for you with this free career aptitude test.

Best Courses on Pursuing Your Purpose

Try one of these courses to discover how to balance your life and live your purpose, step by step.

Self-Discovery Books

The theories and actionable tips provided by these best-sellers have allowed me to deepen my self-discovery journey. Check out my list of the top books about finding purpose.