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How to Explore Your Purpose With Numerology (You’ll Wish You Knew This Earlier)

How to Explore Your Purpose through Numerology

Have you ever wanted to discover your life’s purpose but failed to find an appropriate way to do so? Well, numerology, if not the best, might just be the perfect way to uncover your life path.

Discovering your life’s purpose is crucial in leading the much-anticipated life you desire. A life purpose numerology calculator deciphers your life path.

A life path is synonymous with a life purpose. It simply helps you discover your natural abilities, talents, weaknesses, strengths, and ambitions, and then tap into a purpose that reflects them.

If you’ve been wondering, how do I find my life purpose through numerology? You’re in the right place. But first things first.

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a science that uses a sum of numbers and the type of vibrations you emit to help you know your character, life path, and personality traits. It mainly centers on numbers and their connection to people.

Streams in Numerology:

Chaldean Numerology   

It is a form of numerology heavily tied to astrology. It dictates that each alphabet letter is tied to a sound and unique vibrations that are assigned a number 1-8 from the Chaldean numerology table as follows;

Q S X   

When calculating, if you have three names, they should be calculated separately. The final single digits are then added to get your Chaldean numerology number. For example, if your first name adds up to 27, add 2+7 to get a singular digit as 9.

Do this to the rest of your names and add their singular digit there.

For example, if you get respective singular digits, add them as follows; 9+4+4 =17, 1+7 results to 8, which is now your Chaldean numerology number.

The Chaldean numerology number 1 is then linked to astrology, which shows the ruling planet it represents and its personality trait.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology is an ancient Hebrew alphabet system tied to specific numbers and uses a formula to calculate your life path number. It helps you gain knowledge of your mind and soul.

It helps you connect to your inner power and meaning, providing knowledge for self-discovery. Kabbalah numerology 2 keeps you in check with your soul’s purpose and direction in life. Through it, you can elevate your intellectual abilities and consciousness.

To find your kabbalah numerology, you must use your full birth names, which have a robust and energetic significance.

The table below shows the kabbalah alphabet linked with their respective numbers.


After adding the numbers your full names make, you should reduce the total to a single digit. Let’s say your name adds up to 36, adding 3 to 6 gives you 9.

36 is then divided by 9 to give you 4 as the final number. You then add 1 to the final number, 4, to get your kabbalah numerology number as 5.

If your name adds up to an odd number, such as 39, add up the numbers until it becomes a single number. For example, 3+9 gives you 12, and 1+2 gives you 3 – now your kabbalah numerology number.

Once you have your final number, your self-discovery journey can now begin.

Pythagorean Numerology

It was invented by a geek mathematician called Pythagoras. Pythagorean numerology uses your date of birth and letters of your name to determine your destiny in life.

In Pythagorean numerology 3, alphabetical letters have a specific numerical value attached to the position letters in the alphabet. The table linking alphabetical letters to numerical values is as follows;


From the table above, to get your destiny number you should add numbers representing letters of your full name then reduce it to a single digit. The digit is then compared to your life path number to help you better understand yourself and your destiny. 

Numerology Components

The numerology chart comprises four components to help you understand your personality and future. These components are made up of your birth name and your birthday.

The components directly relate to what you are built of as a person. The components are;

1.  Life Path Number

It is the core number that outlines the opportunities you will get, lessons you will learn, and challenges you will face in life. It is calculated by adding down your date of birth numbers to a singular digit.

You should not add the sum down when you get 11 or 22, considered master numbers. These numbers pose more significant success potential, with greater challenges.

2. Expression Number

This number reveals the weaknesses and strengths and how you tackle them in your life lessons. It is calculated by getting the sum of your first name, second name, and third name.

Then once you have a single digit for each name, you should keep adding them until you reduce them to a single-digit number. That will be your numerology expression number.

If you have master numbers 11, 22, and 33, you should not add them down as they possess different special abilities.

3. Soul Urge Number

This number represents what your heart truly desires in life. So how do I find my soul path?

Soul urge number is got by adding numbers the vowels in your name represent. A represents 1, E represents 5, I represents 1, O represents 7, and U represents 6.

4. Birthday Number

This number exposes the talents that may help you improve your life if you focus on them. It is among the easiest numerology to calculate as you only need to know the day you are born.

If you are born on the 2nd, your birthday number is 2. If you are born on the 31st, your birthday number is 31; there is no special calculation.

Knowing this and referring to what your birthday number talks about can help you discover what you did not know about yourself and what gift you can offer to the world.

How to Calculate Life Path Number

As earlier said, numerology life path number is significant in determining your opportunities, lessons, and challenges; therefore, it is advisable to dwell on them and understand their method of calculation deeper.

Let’s say you were born on April 17, 2002. You will begin calculations by saying;

April is the 4th month of the year therefore (0 + 4 = 4)

The date is 17th therefore (1 + 7 = 8)

The year is 2002 therefore (2 + 0 + 0 + 2 = 4)

Now add the single digits (4 + 8 + 4 = 16)

Reduce the two-digit number by adding them (1 + 6 = 7)

The number 7 will therefore be your numerology life path number. Now that you have known how to calculate life path numbers continue reading on to understand better what they signify about you and your life.

Number 1

If you have this number as your life path number, your life is mainly about developing individuality, being independent, decisive, and expressing your level of creativity. You also have traits of determination, creativity, and leadership.

You can easily become a director and own businesses. The challenges you will face are being selfish, conceit, and zealous. Your success potential heavily relies on your level of determination and creativity.

Number 2

Your purpose in life, if you have this number, is being understanding, supportive, cooperative, and passionate with yourself and others. Your honesty, generosity, and level of care help bring out the best in you and others.

Also, if you have this number, you tend to be exceptional in creating plans. The challenges you will encounter are insecurity, low self-worth, and difficulty balancing emotions.

The traits you can handle easily are teaching counseling and communications. You may require adequate emotional support from friends and family around you.

Number 3

Your life’s purpose mainly lies in socialization and stepping forward.

Using your natural gifts to help others often comes naturally.

Social skills, creativity, and speaking out are essential for you. You can make an outstanding artist, stand-up comedian, guide, and public speaker.

Criticism and moodiness often put you down but being optimistic and expressive of your situation can be the solution to your sorrows.

Number 4

If you have this life path number, you are often very dedicated and practical in everything you do. You have perseverance skills and are down-to-earth.

You need to have the flexibility to adapt to change and escape a rigid life perspective. You can make a good politician and a lawyer.

Number 5

Some of the benefits of having this life path number is that you yearn for learning, freedom, and strive for life’s answers. Your career path is becoming a teacher or a guide.

Gaining stability and organization may be challenging, but it will not be an issue if you learn self-discipline.

Number 6

The good thing about life path number 6 is empathy and compassion for other people. You are compassionate, kind, giving, and helpful to people who require more help.

You can be a health worker, counselor, or caregiver because helping other people gives you happiness from within.

Number 7

Your purpose in life is mainly seeking the truth. You are generally a peacemaker and are always aware and open.

You are analytic and carry a lot of wisdom. Though sometimes you may be selfish and narcissistic, learning to listen to your inner judgment will have you good to go.

Number 8

Your purpose is mainly about strength and learning how to accept responsibility. People will look upon you to provide appropriate leadership and the way forward in many situations, so you have to be strong and balance your life.

While dealing with a problem, it is vital to learn the art of evaluating it using different dimensions as people rely on your prowess and count on you as their leader. You can either become a politician or a business leader with this life path number.

You are influential and charismatic, but you easily detach from people and situations. You can sometimes become too unjust towards the people who rely on you, but the best way to drive you towards success is by adopting an attitude of abundance.

Number 9

Your life path number is about being compassionate and passionate about others, which is why you earn their respect. No other people do it better when it comes to understanding the highs and lows of life.

Helping others is not as different from helping yourself, signifying you love helping out people around you.

You can make a good researcher or a counselor. Sometimes, you may be moody and uncertain about yourself, but remaining focused and dedicated to your course will make you succeed.

using numerology in everyday life

Once you become aware of your life path number and the type of vibration it carries, you will now start living life the way you were meant to live from the start. The numerology guidance system will quickly identify your strengths, weaknesses, and talents.

Trust me, once you have understood your strengths and weaknesses and begin to work on them while pursuing your in-born talent, you would get the confidence to achieve what you were meant to achieve. You’ll still need diligence and consistency to actually achieve your goals but knowing yourself better would give you the boost to dare to live your true purpose.

Wrap up

As from the above information, finding the purpose of your life has never been made easier as it is now. Using a life purpose numerology calculator can easily understand yourself and your destiny.

And I am dead sure that once you understand yourself better and know all your abilities, you will lead a better life than the one you are leading now. It is never that easy, but one bold step of getting to know your life’s purpose by using the steps above could save the rest course of your life.  

You might be interested in astrology to complete your vision into your soul purpose. By analyzing your astrological signs you can get fascinating insights into yourself and your life path. Here you can find more experiential tools and techniques like meditation to continue to define your purpose.

Good luck and enjoy your journey:)

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