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Finding Life Purpose through Astrology

How find your purpose with astrology

Finding purpose in life is an eternal question. At an early age, you are eager to know what you’ll become when you grow up. In the same fashion, those of us about to switch careers or get a new job may still not be sure which life path to pursue.

Astrology is one of the best ways to discover your soul’s purpose. Specifically, you can tap into the wisdom that an astrology chart and discover your life’s uncharted territory.

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The Birth Chart Holds the Key to Your Life Path

A birth chart, also known as a natal chart, is a map that shows the positions of the moon, the sun, and planets at the time of your birth, relative to the place of birth. 

Source: askastrology.com

The four most important elements of a natal chart are:

  • The sun sign – It’s the constellation the sun was passing through when you were born. It depicts your soul’s essence, main personality traits, and who you’re destined to be.
  • Moon sign – It describes your subconscious, feelings, habits, instincts, and memory. This sign depicts your emotional side, which depends on the zodiac sign the moon was in when you were born.
  • Ascendant (Rising sign) – It’s where the sun rose on the eastern horizon when you were born. The rising sign describes your personality’s surface level. It’s your outward appearance, how people view you or, your first impression.
  • Midheaven – Also known as Medium Coeli or MC, is that point on your natal chart that shows the zodiac sign that was directly overhead your location when you were born. The midheaven shows your life purpose and career ambitions.
An illustration of the 12 astrological signs

Finding Your Life Purpose through the North Node

The lunar nodes or Nodes of Destiny refer to the points along the sky where the sun and moon cross paths. The incident occurs a few times per year and lets us experience eclipses.

The North Node tells a story of destiny and fate in this life while the South Node does the same for your past life.

The nodes of destiny or fate reveal your life’s purpose on the natal chart. And since our life’s purpose has to do with the current lifetime, we focus on the North Node rather than the south node.

How do you discover your North Node?

Easy. Search the internet for a “free astrology chart” and once you find the tool, enter your birth date, birth location, and birth time. The chart will generate a report containing the North Node – it resembles a horseshoe or a pair of headphones.

Source: askastrology.com

Establish the Connection between the North Node and Your Life Purpose

There are two possible ways to interpret the North Node: According to the house where it falls and according to the zodiac associated with it.

North Node in the Twelve Houses

In astrology, houses are divisions of an ecliptic plane – a large circle that contains the sun’s orbit, as observed from the earth. Think of the wheels of these houses as a map within the sky where planets constantly move from one house to another.

Each astrological house has a particular influence on various areas of your life and it displays different purpose manifestations as shown below. It’s important to note that the time you were born has a huge influence on the houses. And this doesn’t just involve the date of birth, but the time as well. Now, let’s find out what it means when the North Node is in different houses.

First House (of Identity)

Your goal inclines towards your identity and personal development. You may gravitate towards opportunities to create new beginnings where you assert your individuality.

Possible Life Purpose: If your sun falls in the first house, you want to pursue a life path that requires you to be your own boss as a leader or entrepreneur. Your courage makes you the ideal adventurer in private practice as a surgeon, lawyer, professional athlete, or fire fighter. 

Second House (of Security and Resources)

Your devotion is towards security, safety, and your body. Thus, your life experiences involve accumulating possessions or focusing on disciplines that align with your values. You may long to develop hidden talents.

Possible Life Purpose: You may choose a career path where you accumulate wealth by acquiring or investing in possessions like a realtor or stock broker. You may be inclined towards a career that requires you to use talents and live a life based on your values as a fashion designer, sculptor, musician, or gardener.

Third House (of Communication)

You try to communicate with others to try and understand the world that surrounds them. Your abilities to communicate and self-educate are unmatched. You keep looking for new ways to communicate or stimulate your mind.

Possible Life Purpose: Your life purpose concerns communications so, you may work as a law officer, writer, or teacher. You may also enjoy traveling opportunities to satisfy your curiosity. Besides, some of us might explore logic and math skills pursuing technology. 

Fourth House (of Home and Family)

Your life purpose is associated with family, children, and home plus nurturing other people. You might enjoy real estate and express yourself through food and related comforts. Moreover, you may experience the need for a strong emotional connection to whichever path you undertake.

Possible Life Purpose: You may embark on a life path that maximizes your nurturing abilities through such professions as teaching, psychology, acting, farming, catering, and more. Aptly put, you enjoy using your imaginative nature to connect with other people on a deeper dimension.

Fifth House (of Creativity)

Those under this section will be devoted to expressing themselves in a way that edifies their recognition and reputation. What excites you most is to do something that makes you experience love, passion, and romance.

Possible Life Purpose: You can pursue a profession where you can be brilliant, creative, and famous because you are a risk-taker. You are a natural leader, entrepreneur, or executive with the tendency to control others.

The other option is to get into a dignified profession that allows you to help others, such as a civil servant, doctor, military leader. You’re typically drawn to activities like recreation and leisure, acting, or children-related.

Sixth House (of Work and Health)

If your Northern lunar node falls here, you’ll be committed to health, service, and day-to-day work. Your life’s purpose involves working with people at the office. You may be a healthcare professional or fitness teacher. 

You take your health seriously too, and can easily come up with practical solutions because you respond to daily crises.

Possible Life Purpose: While you may be shy, you may end up in a career that requires your communication abilities. You are talented in different areas and enjoy using your technical skills. What appeals to your nature is being of service to other people, whether in the medical field or business settings.

Seventh House (Marriage and Partnerships)

You love relationships, and your life purpose relates to arts and social relations. What motivates you are the principles of justice and fairness. You prefer diplomacy rather to conflict. The way people think and look fascinates you the most.

Possible Life Purpose: You may get into a profession that requires your expressions of the sense of justice via politics, law, or public relations. You are passionate about arts, fashion, and culture. Further, you prefer to do what brings pleasure to others. Due to your need for relationships, you may find consultation suitable, as it lets you work with different people.

Eighth House (of Intimacy)

Your life’s purpose revolves around some research and investigation. Instead of being drawn to the superficial, you prefer work that’s meaningful and profound. For example, you may be interested in matters like sex, estate planning, taxes, death, or behavioral transformation.

Possible Life Purpose: You have a penchant for all things dark, deep, or hidden. That’s why you may choose a career that involves transforming others through yoga, medicine, psychology, or the metaphysical. What’s more, you thrive in renovating or regenerating anything that needs to be rebuilt or restored, as your efforts improve it.

Ninth House (of Mastership)

You feel the need to travel and pursue higher learning. What’s more, you may have an interest in publishing as well. You might enjoy writing about and teaching concepts that enable others to explore their spirituality. 

Possible Life Purpose: You may find yourself devoted to educating others as a teacher or a judge, civic leader, or clergyman. On the other hand, your adventurous and intellectual talents may drive you into being a writer, comedian, or sea captain. Your desire for exploration may lead you to travel to countries far from your birthplace.

Tenth House (of Career and Status)

Your need for a career is strong, and this makes sense because you derive more happiness while working rather than when at home. You have a desire to pursue a career with integrity and pride, eager to be the best. As a responsible person, you may excel as a leader, even in public life. You are keen to organize and build any organization you are part of with the aim of acquiring wealth and social status.

Possible Life Purpose: Your profession may involve leading a company as its executive or starting your own business. You have a tendency to work hard in a way that serves the public while making money in the process.

Eleventh House (of Friendship, Dreams, and Hopes)

You’ve got intellectual talents that make you a thinker, humanitarian, and inventor. You prefer being part of an organization and social group where you may fulfill the dream of improving the community through your work or business.

Possible Life Purpose: You might focus on a life path that gives you an independent lifestyle. You may want to lead an enterprise, help those who need psychological counseling, teach young people at the university, or use your scientific mind to make society a better place.

Twelfth House (of Service)

Your life’s purpose gravitates towards serving others, particularly the needy. You are idealistic, compassionate, and a lover of nature and beauty. Since self-sacrifice is your strength, you may suffer if you feel your profession isn’t making you serve others. You feel a special calling into the spiritual, religious, and mystical aspects at a deeper level.

Possible Life Purpose: Your life mission may include serving others in health facilities, government, or prisons. As an imaginative person, you enjoy careers associated with theatre, arts, and music. Your creative and compassionate talents lead you to become a therapist, fashion designer, secret agent, priest, writer, or entertainer.

North Node in the 12 Sun Signs

Source: GDJ, pixabay

A sun sign or zodiac sign refers to the zodiac’s portion that the sun occupies at the time of your birth. In the picture above you can see the 12 zodiac signs while in the text below you can check their dates, and interpretations when your North Node is in a specific sun sign.


Dates: March 21–April 19. You should aim to be more individualistic, maverick, and independent. You grow purposefully in relationships, families, and careers that shape you to be direct, assertive, fearless, impulsive, and impatient.


Dates: April 20–May 20. You tend to be hedonistic and generous. It’s vital that you exercise consistency in the flow of emotions and keep promises. Your major focus is personal growth. Try not to build so many walls, as others need to come in.


Dates: May 21–June 21. You are proficient in communication and independent thinking. You may know a few languages too. It’s crucial that you say what you mean and rely on facts.


Dates: June 22–July 22. You have to balance between being harsh and ambitious. Learn to be emotionally sensitive to other people’s needs – it could take your relationships to another level. 


Dates: July 23–August 22. You enjoy artistic and creative tasks. Being a dreamer is your strong suit. While you are a team player, you find it difficult to be a leader. Learn to take the reins, as it will uplift you in many ways.


Dates: August 23–September 22. It’s essential that you be more assertive and critical. Besides, you often disappear into the spiritual world – you let the feelings take the best of you. You also ghost others often. You need to prioritize communication.


Dates: September 23–October 23. Think before speaking as you tend to speak impulsively. You need to learn ways to be balanced, fair, and collaborative. You grow purposefully in relationships, families, and careers that teach you to be impartial, charming, considerate, compliant, charming, and cooperative.


Dates: October 24–November 21. You gain through spouses or inheritance, albeit you may have an obsessive or addictive personality. You’ve been nurtured to be passionate, controlling, powerful, and manipulative. However, this is a good aspect to manage other people’s affairs.


Dates: November 22–December 21. You’ve grown up in a background that encourages you to be philosophical, enthusiastic, expansive, persuasive, and excessive. You can easily be talkative and lack a sense of focus. Learn to be purposeful, truthful, and moral.


Dates: December 22–January 19. Your life purpose requires that you be responsible, orderly, and successful. That’s why you’ve grown up in careers and family and relationships that challenged you to be formal, exacting, serious, conservative, and organized.


Dates: January 20–February 18. Your life’s motivation and goals are primarily for personal fulfillment rather than fame. That explains why you are humanitarian, objective, broadminded, and an idealist.


Dates: February 19–March 20. Focus on becoming spiritual, imaginative, and transcendent. You’ve grown up in various backgrounds that prepared you to be submissive, empathetic, yielding, intuitive, and forgiving. You have healing abilities that you should use to help people in need.

Final Thoughts

Astrology is a powerful technique for finding your purpose in life. It’s vital to know who you are and what you can accomplish so you don’t waste time living someone else’s life. Get this free personalized astrological reading so you can uncover what you were meant to do in this world.

You might be interested in numerology to discover more details of your purpose. By analyzing your name characters, birth date numbers, and other numbers you can get additional insights about yourself that cannot be seen by astrology alone. Here you can find even more tools and techniques I put together to help you define your purpose further.